Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop
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The Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop is the premier comedy class in Los Angeles. Among our accomplished students you'll find over 150 Oscar, Emmy, SAG and Tony Award winners and nominees.

The Workshop teaches an actor how to play comedy legitimately in a scene. The classes are designed for actors who wish to exercise their comedy skills. It is the safest environment for you to take risks and work on your craft.

The Workshop uses improvisation as a tool to enhance comedic skills for scene work. It's not stand-up, cold reading, or scripted scene study. We teach situational improv. In keeping with Harvey's belief that the more you do it the more you get it, our classes are structured so that students participate three or four times each class. Critiques and notes are given by the teacher only.

We invite all perspective students to audit a free class prior to joining to ensure that we are what the individual actor is looking for.

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